Here, I share what I saw, felt, read, experienced, heard, and learned. I also share here our dreams, passions, frustrations, heartaches, amazement, joy, and life lessons as I celebrate life and the grace of God from the smallest details to the grandest events everyday.

If this is your first time, we thank you for dropping by. We hope this would not be the last. Thanks!

Reporting Fernand Yim® is my online diary. Obviously I write about my life and about people around me. From drawing my toddler version of comics on the back of emptied carton of powdered milk when I was five years old to my attempt in writing my first novel when I was in grade school on a stitched scratch-paper notebook, to writing for My Funny Story in Pilipino Funny Komiks when I was eight, to writing my own songs and poems when I was in Grade Five, to writing on my first diary still in grade school, to joining the school journalism in high school and in college, to writing for various blogs, and to all innocent walls, books, old notebooks, and tables on which I committed artistic vandalism, I am still struggling in finishing my first novel!

I might be spending my whole life writing my first novel and that does not make me worry anymore. For I have learned that the true joy in writing is found in the process of writing itself. I find it amazing to keep a record of my daily life. I can review my past, laugh at the same joke, remember old people and old friends, cry (or feel like crying) on the same heartache, and get frustrated on the same frustrations, laughs! But most of all, I have the power to turn back time and be there back in the past where many dreams and most loved memories dwell even though it’s all only in my head.

I have two sets of siblings and I love them all. On my Mama’s side, I have Christina, Nicalyn, Jojo, Calvin, Alex, Ron, Jean Emmanuel, and Psyche Jean. On my biological father’s side, I have MariFe, Minerva, Che-che, Kite, Maggie, Marshelle, Me-Ann, Mac-Mac, and Emman.

I love Mama and Papa.

I am happily married and blessed to be a husband to my lovely and talented wife Gracia. I am a proud father to our babies Dani and Markus.

I am a proud Christian and am proud of the love of God for me. I am a member of Victory Christian Fellowship Church where you don’t need to be part of our church to be saved but only through the grace of God by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Lord.

For those who read me here, thank you for the support and I pray from the bottom of my heart for more blessings and peace and love in your life! Cheers!