Saturday, March 5, 2016

48 of 366

1. The previous day, Markus cried when I cleaned one of his ears. I stopped right away when he got hurt. Then I said a quick prayer.

Then today was the scariest day of my recent life. After Markus had his bath and it was time to clean his ear, I noticed that there was dried blood in his ear. I panicked right away. But I could not chat and tell Gracia about what happened because I knew that it would only make her worry. It might affect her performance at work. I thought of some people to call. I was so desperate as I checked all the names in my phone book. I also checked the list of my friends on Facebook. I was looking for people with medical background. I also checked the internet. But I was so trembling as I did all these things alone.

Finally I got to talk to Mama on the phone. She assured me that it happened to one of my sisters when we were young. And it went just fine. It was explained to me that I might hit Markus's eardrum which caused the bleeding. But it would just heal just like normal wounds. I felt relieved but I still wanted to have Markus checked by his pediatrician.

2. That night, I finally told about this to Gracia. I knew she got worried, too. But she was so composed as she sent a text message to Markus's pediatrician. Dra. Villanueva was so gracious for replying to our text message in the middle of the night. She told us via SMS to observe first. If the bleeding continued, we had to bring Markus to her as soon as possible. We prayed so much about it. Even if we were still a little scared, I knew in my heart that God was with us all the time. It could be worse if it was just me and the kids. We ended that night with a prayer.

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