Saturday, January 9, 2016

9 of 366

1. Nanay slept in the other room last night.

2. I still woke up early to do the usual house chores. I was able to clean the cabinets of the back kitchen and the laundry area.

3. I walked Gracia to the entrance of Lynville. It was the first time we did it. I thought we would talk about some things in her family but we did not. I thought she was just sad. It broke my heart to know that my wife was hurting because of her family. I hope that their issues would be resolved soon.

4. Around lunch time, Nanay left to go home. She cooked us delicious lunch. After few more minutes, Joan, the laundry lady, also left. I decided to hang some of the clothes by our front window. That was the only area where the sunshine was better.

We just lost our window.

5. I was teaching Dani ABCs and colors. When she could not say the right letter, she suddenly said this, “That’s enough. I am tired.” With her childish voice and tone, it sounded so funny.

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