Friday, January 8, 2016

8 of 366

1. In the morning, the kids and I were standing by the window upstairs, watching Gracia as she walked away from our house. Gracia kept waving at us. Both Dani and Markus were yelling goodbye to her and wishing for her safe travel. When Gracia was finally gone from our view, Dani whispered this, “Please come back soon.”

2. Nanay and Tatay came a little earlier than I expected. They brought many snacks for me and the kids. However, the kids went crazy for the ice cream. Markus was so obsessed with it that he did not care even if he had ice cream all over his face.

3. Nanay and I talked about our family issues. I began to learn so much more of their family history, even so much more than I wanted to know. I understood the whole story. There were still some areas that I did not completely agree but now at least I know where this all had started. This brought me with many life realizations.

4. I left the house to Nanay for the Worship Night and Fasting Break in our church. I arrived at church a little early. I met a new friend named Ralph. He was my prayer partner throughout the service. It was a beautiful night with God.

5. After church, I had trouble getting a ride for home. The main road was already closed for all vehicles due to the City Fiesta on January 15th. I also noticed that the birds were back and they all stayed on the wires. The pooped all over the streets again.

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