Thursday, January 7, 2016

7 of 366

1. Now that we have two wooden mini chairs made from used pallets, Dani and Markus were pretending that they were in a classroom. Dani was a natural comedienne. She had so many funny faces but my phone was so slow to capture all of them.

2. I refused to give Dani some coffee candies because they were about to have their lunch. As a result, she cried a lot, like with real tears flowing by her chubby cheeks. What touched my heart was the way Markus reacted to it. He picked a clean towel from the baby bag and offered to wipe his Ate’s tears. He was even saying kind words like ta-an na (tahan na, meaning stop crying or something like that). That was so sweet.

3. In the afternoon, I decided to plant the sunflower seeds which we harvested last month. I used two old ice cream containers. I drilled little holes on it by using the remaining hooks from my Mug Holder Project. I know there are a lot of proper ways to plant a sunflower as published online but I decided to do it my way. Besides, my first sunflower grew through this process.

4. Dani and Markus were fighting a lot today. I decided to put on a little drama with them so that they would stop fighting. I told them that since they refused to listen to me, I would go and leave them. Just that and I walked out to our back kitchen. I opened the back door and closed it right after, pretending that I actually went out. I quickly hid myself inside our bathroom which was just nearby. I peeked through the door for a good three minutes and they were still not looking for me. When it was so quiet, I got scared and decided to get out of the bathroom and walked back to where I left them. The moment I stepped in the room, I heard them giggling until they could not contain it anymore, they started shrieking! I realized that they were actually playing hide-and-seek with me. My drama just got wasted.

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