Wednesday, January 6, 2016

6 of 366

1. Early afternoon, I decided to bring the kids upstairs in a hope that I could steal a few minutes of sleep while they were playing. However, something always happened. It was either the kids were fighting for the same toy or same space or corner; or Markus wanted to always show me his little achievements with either their Lego blocks or other toy thing success. Of course I always obliged myself to at least throw him a sweet three-second look and forced a smile through my heavy eyelids. A couple more of these things happened until I lost my sleepy mood. I ended up playing with them which I thought was better.

2. I felt so proud when Dani could recognize more colors and letters now. Talk about pure joy over little things.

3. Everyday I sent pictures of the kids from time to time to Gracia through Facebook chat. And just for fun, I started sending Gracia with my crazy selfies. In some of the pics, I was trying to tease her in a funny way. That did not work on her.

4. Gracia came home quite earlier than usual. She brought us many gifts from their Japanese boss. Gracia was so amazed that their Japanese boss still remembered her comment about seaweeds last year before the Christmas vacation. Now that their Japanese boss was back, he brought products with seaweeds from Japan just for her.

5. Gracia also brought me a new planner for this year. I don’t know what to do with it yet since I have no actual work. But it made me a little excited to know the many things I am going to write on it real soon.

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