Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 of 366

1. Tatay was here yesterday around lunchtime for the loan payment and for the letter I wrote. It was all fine until Tatay had to leave. Dani refused to let go of Tatay but she seemed to understand and did not argue for long. On the other hand, Markus had his tiny arms around Tatay’s legs. He could not speak well yet. So, he just kept shaking his head to protest and not letting Tatay go. But since Tatay really had to go, he gently shook Markus off his legs. Still, Markus ran after him as Tatay made his way to the back kitchen where his Tricycle was parked. That time, Markus was already a little hysterical and was holding onto Tatay as hard as he could. To pacify him, Tatay decided to take Markus for a quick ride, along with me and Dani. We thought that it had solved our problem. But the moment Markus got off the Tricycle, he was crying again. I had to take him back inside the house so that he would not see Tatay go. When I was sure that Tatay had already left, I put Markus down. That instant, he ran back to the back kitchen and cried some more when he realized that Tatay was already gone. I was trying to pacify him but he was so angry with me. It was as if it was my fault that Tatay had to go.

2. In the middle of the night, Markus cried in his sleep calling Tatay’s name. That was heartbreaking.

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