Monday, January 4, 2016

4 of 366

1. The day started just as usual. A little sad because Gracia had to go to work and I was back to being a househusband.

2. The day flew so fast. In the afternoon, I decided to bring the kids outside. I put the outdoor mat which we bought last year, actually just last month, for this very purpose. The kids played on it while I lay on my back watching them.

It is so good to see them playing peacefully with each other.

Markus loves to annoy his sister.

3. We had a lot of selfies!

4. They were just playing with Markus's cars when suddenly our neighbor played a loud music. Then they just stood up and danced! No one taught them how to dance. Dani impressed me so much!


5. Gracia came home really early. She brought a gift for Dani from her Ninong Mike!

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