Sunday, January 3, 2016

3 of 366

1. We woke up to a very thick fog in Lynville. Too bad that it was not captured clearly in the pictures. It reminded me of my childhood years in Antipolo City, Rizal.

Foggy morning in Lynville.

2. We woke up really early hoping to achieve our two goals for the day. First was to clean the house before leaving for the Sunday service. Second was to arrive early at church so that we could join in the worship part of the service. Yes, we were able to clean the house but even before we left, it was already a mess. And when we arrived at church, the music team was already doing the first prayer in the service.

3. Since we were a little late in the service, we could not find available seats for us parents with toddlers and babies. Thus, we sent both Dani and Markus to the Kids Church. It was exciting to know that they already have their cute IDs! Gracia had to accompany them.

Yes, we were late in the Main Service but my kids seemed to be the first in Kids Church.

Dani's project for that Sunday.

4. I went back to the service. I met a new friend. We chatted a little. He told me his name which I even asked him to spell it for me but still I could not remember it, not even know how to say it the first time.

5. I also met my good friend Robi. He was so nice and warm. He told me that he would transferring soon in Batangas.

6. Gracia and I, along with the kids of course, had to drop by the Mercury Drug to buy some vitamins and cough syrup for the kids.

7. We took a tricycle to go home. However, upon reaching the entrance of Lynville, Dani threw her tantrums and forcing us to go to SM. So, Gracia asked the driver to take us to SM.

8. Since it was lunchtime when we reached SM, it was full of people. There was no available seat in all food stores and restaurants there. It was very tiring until Gracia finally got a table for us in KFC.

9. I had to fall in a long and slow line in KFC to get our order. When I returned to our table, Dani was already crying because she was so hungry already.

10. Then we ate lunch just like any other normal Filipino family—eating like we were in a race, feeding the kids first before us.

11. Dani wanted to buy that Korean Sundae but the sole crew was on break. We waited on and on but the crew never showed up.

12. Since we were already in the mall, we decided to take a quick stroll before we went home.

13. At home, Gracia watched Tinkerbell—again—with the kids while I was struggling to write my letter to Gracia’s family. Thankful to God that I was able to finish the letter. I also sent a reply e-mail to Mr. Jaime, my British friend.

14. Gracia and I decided to watch a movie when the kids were already sleeping but we got so tired which we ended up sleeping early. Before we went to sleep, we prayed for our family and our extended families and friends. We are hopeful for 2016.

15. I had a dream. I dreamed that I was with Papa and Mama and my siblings, except for Jojo and Psyche. Gracia was there, too. But she was in another location of that dream. I told Papa that the clouds were so thin and moving too fast in the sky. He also noticed that and he pointed to me a distant area which has a great river with many rocks in it. Papa said that the clouds in that area were bigger and almost stormy-like which I also saw it myself. Now that river was like part of a great waterfall. So suddenly, a great wave of water came from the top of the waterfall. In my head, I thought that it was Tsunami. We were rushing to get to the top of the mountain. There I met Gracia and the rest of my family, except Jojo and Psyche. I was worried about my two kids, Dani and Markus for few seconds. Papa showed up from the other side holding the two kids, safe and happy. The great wave did not reach us. We were safe and it felt so divine. The great wave only lasted for like a minute or less than a minute. Then I dreamed of other things but that was the only dream that I could remember. I don’t know if it has meaning or not.

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