Saturday, January 16, 2016

16 of 366

1. Gracia did the laundry. We both woke up really early to do the daily chores. I was so proud of her doing that. I offered help but she seemed to be not confident with my laundry skill, haha!

2. When the kids were awake, Markus insisted playing with the water while Gracia was doing the laundry.

3. We went to SM in the afternoon to do the grocery. On our way out from supermarket, we met Nanay with Tiya Cora and Abby. The kids went crazy seeing Nanay. After that, we also met Tiya Sallie. She bought Dani some donuts.

4. Before we left the mall, we dropped by the National Bookstore where we bought some learning books for the kids. I also bought the new Trese comic book and the new Kikomachine komix.
5. At night, Gracia and I watched a weird Canadian horror movie, Cabin in the Woods.

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