Thursday, January 14, 2016

14 of 366

1. I finished all my daily chores at home really early. Actually, in the morning I just did the usual schedule.

2. Mama arrived to pick us up, me and the kids. I greeted her Happy Birthday and saying sorry at the same time, pretending that I forgot that it was her birthday. I knew she was a bit hurt but she was an expert in ignoring her emotions. She happily greeted the kids and both Dani and Markus welcomed her with loud cheers.

3.  The plan was this. I would go to Calamba with the kids. Mama was here to help me to do that. My made-up story was that I had a scheduled interview really early tomorrow and no one would be available to babysit for my kids. Tomorrow is the town fiesta for San Pablo City. Nanay could not be available because she has to prepare for that. They would be receiving a lot of guests from Pampanga. And Gracia could not be absent from her work. So, I would need to leave the kids in the Calamba for one night only. While we were on the bus, I was doing my drama as I kept telling Mama how many times the kids ask for milk at night, etc. Mama believed it all.

4. When Chris with her family finally arrived in our Calamba home from Bulacan, we finally revealed to Mama our whole plan. She was very surprised and was very happy.

5. We went to RSM, the nearest restaurant to Villa de Calamba. Nicalyn already made a reservation that early afternoon. We ate a lot. Alex came with roses and cake. Then Jojo and Calvin arrived. After few more minutes, Gracia also arrived from work. After eating and singing videoke songs, we started answering the prepared questions we talked about in the chat. I knew Mama was very touched but she was so good hiding her emotions. We gave her many messages of love, of dreams for her, of what we missed about her, etc. Chris cried a lot. We also prayed for her. It was a beautiful night for all of us.

6. Dani and Markus, with Andrei and Psyche, kept running around the place. They did not care about the other guests smiling at them. Dani danced wonderfully on the empty dance floor. She loved the blinking disco lights, haha!

7. We came home at around 11 PM.

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