Wednesday, January 13, 2016

13 of 366

1. I did some crazy things to entertain my kids. I danced like an octopus or something to that level. Then, for no reason at all, I decided to pretend to slip and fall on the kitchen floor with exaggerated waves of my hands in the air. The kids laughed at it instantly. What happened next surprised me. Markus stood up from his baby chair and ran to my location. He squatted down and hit the floor with his small palm. He was so innocently angry and scolding the floor for hurting me. That was sweet and funny.

2. Early in the afternoon, Markus wanted me to tie a cord on his toy car. That reminded me of my childhood days.

3. Almost throughout the day, I was chatting with my siblings on our exclusive facebook chat to talk about either buying Mama a gift on her 50th birthday or taking her out on a date. We all decided to surprise her with a family date. However, my problem was this; I could not go on my own from San Pablo City to Calamba City alone with my two kids. And none of them was available to pick us up except for one, which was Mama. But they did not like the idea of having the birthday celebrant going out just to pick us up. But in the end, my plan won.

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