Tuesday, January 12, 2016

12 of 366

1. In the morning, Markus was playing like he was a man from the desert.

2. My morning was still not so good. I still woke up early to do the usual chores, since that was the only time I could do those things without worrying so much about my kids. I kept praying in my head. Sometimes I spoke the words loud. I wanted God to take away the hurt and the anger. I did not want this. Then God spoke to me and He directed me to my computer. There I wrote another letter for Gracia’s family. I realized that if I wanted them to exercise humility, I must do the same thing. I wrote that letter with all my heart. I hoped that it would bring peace and forgiveness with everyone involved. I sent the copy of the letter to Gracia to check her reaction. She was very supportive. We planned to give it to Tatay on the next day. After writing that letter, I felt relieved and I was so thankful to God.

3. In the afternoon, I let the kids play outside in our front yard. They saw a millipede. As expected, they went crazy over the little thing. They followed it until it escaped to the grass.

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