Tuesday, January 12, 2016

11 of 366

1. We watched Doble Kara, the only regular TV show that we watch daily. Every time we watch it, it makes me feel like I am becoming a certified househusband.

2. During their afternoon nap, Markus was already asleep, while Dani was covering her face with the pillow. She was peeking through her shaky eyelids. She was so clueless that I could see her and I knew what she was trying to do. She was so quiet and very sneaky. Then Markus suddenly woke up and asked for milk which I gave it to him. After a couple few minutes, Markus went back to sleep after finishing his milk. Just that moment, Dani sat up on her knees, crying with no tears. When I asked her why she was crying, she told me that Markus caused her to wake up. What she was saying was that she already had her nap. Oh boy, my daughter was a good actress with all the required emotions and facial reaction to convince me that she already slept. Clever. I just smiled and joined her little drama.

My Drama Princess.

3. Around 6 PM, it was already dark, Tatay knocked at our back door. At first I thought it was Gracia. He did not tell me right away why he had to drop by unannounced. But later on, he told me that Gracia’s older sister was offended by my facebook post. I did not explain anything about myself. I just listened and I knew he was just being a father. Then Gracia came and they talked. I just listened. I thought it was rude to interrupt them. Besides, it was more about their family matter. I thought they both went to a fair conclusion that Tatay decided to leave. When he was gone, I felt a bit offended. I was trying to get hold of myself because I knew many things were wrong and just letting things go without discussing them would not solve the issue at all. But still, I knew that I should not add more fire into it. It was very difficult but I had to choose what was promoting peace for all. I slept that night hurting.

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