Friday, January 1, 2016

1 of 366

1. Gracia and I failed to have a Praise Party on New Year’s Eve. We ended up watching old films as we lay next to our two sleeping toddlers. We also failed to see the fireworks outside. But we were happy because we were together on the first day of the year.

Our foods New Year's Eve

2. Tatay helped me with drilling holes in the dining wall for my recent Mug Holder Project. It used to be an old pallet wood. I thought it was beautiful. I felt so excited to do the next project in the next few days.

My Mug Holder Project

3. Gracia and the kids went to Guadalupe for her to spend some time with her family. Also, I planned to do general cleaning in our house. Thus, it was also a way to keep the kids out of year-old house dust.

My beautiful family

4. While cleaning the house, I also fixed some old photo frames and put some old pictures in it.

5. I skipped lunch today. I thought I could not miss even few minutes to finish my goal today.

6. I saw a couple of our neighbors picking flowers from our backyard garden through our kitchen window. I thought it was offensive but I decided to let it go.

7. The general cleaning was 95 percent successful. We might do the rest on the following day.

8. Gracia finally told me that she was able to talk to Nanay. It was about the issues I had with her family. I was extremely disappointed with the results. I was hurt for the fact that their whole concern is always their side. They don’t even care to pause for a minute to think how other people feel. Still, I hope that it gets fixed someday.

9. I went upstairs and stayed in the other room. I lay on the bed and without knowing it, I fell asleep. If it was because of physical fatigue or not, I am not sure.

10. Now that it is 2016, I am worried about our finances. I just hope I could get a decent job a lot better than my previous one. Or the 121 RH Project gets started soon, please.

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